Classifying running-related injuries based upon etiology, with emphasis on volume and pace.

Authors:  Nielsen RO, Nohr EA, Rasmussen S, Sorensen H

Many researchers acknowledge the importance of “training errors” as the main cause of running-related injuries. The purpose of this clinical commentary is to present a theoretical framework for the assumption that some running-related injuries develop due to a rapidly changing running volume, while others develop due to rapidly changing running pace.  Evidence from clinical and experimental studies is presented to support the assertion that a rapid change in running volume may lead to the development of patellofemoral pain syndrome, iliotibial band friction syndrome, and patellar tendinopathy, while change in running pace may be associated with the development of achilles tendinopathy, gastrocnemius injuries, and plantar fasciitis. Based upon this model, bias may be prevented in future studies by categorizing injuries into volume or pacing injuries.

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