Original Research


Acute Effects of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization for Improving Horizontal Adduction and Internal Rotation Passive Range of Motion in Collegiate Baseball Players

Authors: Laudner K, Compton B, McLoda T, Walters C


Is There A Relation Between Shoulder Dysfunction And Core Instability?

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The Functional Movement Screen (FMS™): An Inter-rater Reliability Study Between Raters of Varied Experience

Authors: Gulgin H, Hoogenboom B


Relationship Between Functional Movement Screening Score and History of injury

Authors: Letafatkar A, Hadadnezhad M


Breathing Pattern Disorders and Functional Movement

Authors: Bradley H, Esformes J


The Influence of Upper Body Fatigue on Dynamic Standing Balance

Authors: Wassinger CA, McKinney H, Roane S, Davenport MJ, Owens B, Breese U, Sokell GA


Effects of Two Types of Trunk Exercises on Balance and Athletic Performance in Youth Soccer Players

Authors: Imai A, Okubo Y, Shiraki H


The Impact of Sagittal Plane Hip Position on Isometric Force of Hip External Rotator and Internal Rotator Muscles in Healthy Young Adults

Authors: Hoglund LT, Wong AL, Rickards C


Normative Values of Eccentric Hip Abduction Strength in Novice Runners:  An Equation Adjusting for Age and Gender

Authors: Ramskov D, Pedersen MB, Kastrup K, Lonbro S, Jacobsen JS, Thorborg K, Nielsen RO, Rasmussen S


Electromyography During Pedaling on Upright and Recumbent Ergometer

Lopes AD, Alouche SR, Hakansson N, Cohen, M


Specific and Cross over Effects of Massage for Muscle Soreness: Randomized Controlled Trial

Authors: Jay K, Sundstrup E, Sondergaard SD, Behm D, Petersen MB, Saervoll CA, Andersen LL


Roller Massager Improves Range of Motion of Plantar Flexor Muscles Without Subsequent Decreases in Force Parameters

Authors: Halperin I, Aboodarda SJ, Button DC, Andersen LL, Behm DG


The Pre-participation Evaluation for Athletes with Disability

Authors: Hawkeswood JP, O’Connor E, Anton H, Finlayson H


Case Report

Treatment of Subacute Posterior Knee Pain in an Adolescent Ballet Dancer Utilizing Trigger Point Dry Needling: A Case Report.

Author: Mason JS, Tansey KA, Westrick RB


Chronic Leg Pain in a Division II Field Hockey Player: A Case Report

Authors: Snowden J, Becker JA, Brosky JA, Hazle C