Presidential Award of Merit



To acknowledge and honor an individual outside of the Sports Physical Therapy Section who has made a distinguished contribution to the specialty of Sports Physical Therapy. 



  1. Nominee must NOT be a member of the Sports Physical Therapy Section and APTA, but may be a participant in the SPTS Partners program
  2. Nominee must demonstrate an interest and investment in the practice of sports physical therapy as evidenced by actions that clearly demonstrate their investment, interest, and support over time.
  3. Owners of Physician owned Physical Therapy Services are ineligible.
  4. A person can receive this award only once.


Criteria for Selection

Successful candidates should be judged based upon the role they have played in the development, progression, and/or support of the profession of Sports Physical Therapy.  Individual recipients may be from disciplines outside the profession of physical therapy such as Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, and Medicine.  The recipient must have demonstrated clear contributions to the highest level of practice of Sports Physical Therapy. 


Procedure for Nomination

  1. Only the Sports Physical Therapy Section President may nominate candidates for the award.  A maximum of one (1) award will be given in any year.
  2. The Sports Physical Therapy President will provide notification in writing of their selected recipient of the award to the Awards Team Coordinator no later than December 1st of the year prior to the scheduled presentation.


Notification of the Award

The President of the Sports Physical Therapy Section will notify the recipient of the award and obtain written confirmation of acceptance.  He/she will also invite the recipient to the CSM Awards ceremony and facilitate attendance at said ceremony.  The name of the recipient will be kept confidential until announced.


The Award and its Presentation

The award will consist of an award, a membership to the Partners’ program, if applicable, and recognition at the Combined Sections Meeting Awards Ceremony.