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Original Research

Consistency of clinical biomechanical measures between three different institutions: implications for multi-center biomechanical and epidemiological research.

Authors: Myer GD, Wordeman SC, Sugimoto D, Bates NA, Roewer BD, Medina McKeon JM, DiCesare CA, Di Stasi SL, Barber Foss KD, Thomas SM, Hewett TE

Effect of fatigue on landing performance assessed with the Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) in patients after ACL reconstruction. A pilot study.

Authors: Gokeler A, Eppinga P, Dijkstra PU, Welling W, Padua DA, Otten E, Benjaminse A

The activity pattern of the lumbo-pelvic muscles during prone hip extension in athletes with and without hamstring strain injury.

Authors: Emami M, Arab AM, Ghamkhar L

Association between quadriceps strength and self-reported physical activity in people with knee osteoarthritis.

Authors: Pietrosimone B, Thomas AC, Saliba SA, Ingersoll CA

Activation deficits do not limit quadriceps strength training gains in patients after total knee arthroplasty.

Authors: Marmon AR, Snyder-Mackler L

Running more than three kilometers during the first week of a running regimen may be associated with increased risk of injury in obese novice runners.

Authors: Nielsen RO, Bertelsen ML, Parner ET, Sørensen H, Lind M, Rasmussen S

A speed distance-based classification system for injury prevention and research in international and domestic youth baseball players.

Authors: Axe MJ, Strube M, Osinski D, Andrews JR, Snyder-Mackler L

Lower extremity balance is improved at time of return to throwing in baseball players after an ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction when compared to pre-operative measurements.

Authors: Hannon J, Garrison JC, Conway J

Clinical outcomes of the addition of eccentrics for rehabilitation of previously failed treatments of golfers' elbow.

Authors: Tyler TF, Nicholas SJ, Schmitt BM, Mullaney M, Hogan DE


Case Report

Diagnosis and expedited surgical intervention of a complete hamstring avulsion in a military combatives athlete: a case report.

Author: O'Laughlin SJ, Flynn TW, Westrick RB, Ross MD

Upper extremity deep venous thromboembolism following arthroscopic labral repair of the shoulder and biceps tenodesis: a case report.

Authors: Durant TJS, Swanson BT, Cote MP, Allen DA, Arciero RA, Mazzocca AD


Clinical Commentary: Diagnostic Corner

Management of acute shoulder pain in an adolescent lacrosse athlete: a case report.

Author: Malone T


Clinical Commentary

Considerations and return to swim protocol for the pediatric swimmer after non-operative injury.

Authors: Hamman S

Functional Movement Screening: the use of fundamental movements as an assessment of function. Part 1.

Authors: Cook G, Burton L, Hoogenboom BJ, Voight ML


Clinical Suggestion

Variable resistance training using elastic bands to enhance lower extremity strengthening.

Author: Lorenz DS