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Regional Interdependence of the Hip and Lumbo-Pelvic Region in Division II Collegiate Level Baseball Pitchers: A Preliminary Study.

Authors: Shimamura KK, Cheatham S, Chung W, Farwell D, De la Cruz F, Goetz J, Lindblom K, Powers D


Passive Hip Range of Motion is Reduced in Active Subjects with Chronic Low Back Pain Compared to Controls. 

Authors: Roach SM, San Juan JG, Suprak DN, Lyda M, Bies AJ, Boydston CR


Association Between the Functional Movement Screen and Injury Development in College Athletes.

Authors: Garrison M, Westrick R, Johnson MR, Benenson J


Normative Values for the Functional Movement Screen in Adolescent School Aged Children.

Authors: Abraham A, Sannasi R, Nair R


Reliability and Accuracy of a Goniometer Mobile Device Application for Video Measurement of the Functional Movement Screen Deep Squat Test.

Authors: Krause DA, Boyd MS, Hager AN, Smoyer EC, Thompson AT, Hollman JH


Temporal Efficacy of Kinesiology Tape vs. Traditional Stretching Methods on Hamstring Extensibility.

Authors: Farquharson C, Greig M


The Reliability and Diagnostic Accuracy of Assessing the Translation Endpoint during the Lachman Test.

Authors: Mulligan EP,  McGuffie DQ, Coyner K, Khazzam M


Hand-held Dynamometer Positioning Impacts Discomfort During Quadriceps Strength Testing: A Validity and Reliability Study.

Authors:  Hansen EH, McCartney CN, Sweeney RS, Palimenio MR, Grindstaff TL  


Effects of Wearing Athletic Shoes, Five-Toed Shoes, and Standing Barefoot on Balance Performance in Young Adults.

Authors: Smith BS, Burton B, Johnson D, Kendrick S, Meyer E, Yuan W


Ultimate Frisbee Injuries in a Collegiate Setting.

Authors: Akinbola M, Logerstedt D, Hunter-Giordano A, Snyder-Mackler L



Gait Re-training to Alleviate the Symptoms of Anterior Exertional Lower Leg Pain: A Case Series. 

Author: Breen D, Foster J, Falvey E, Frandlyn-Miller A


Return to Sport Following Surgery for a Complicated Tibia and Fibula Fracture in a Collegiate Women’s Soccer Player with a Low Level of Kinesiophobia.

Authors: Feigenbaum LA, Baraga M, Roach KE, Calpino KM, Dorsey K, Martorelli C, Sagarduy B, King L, Scavo VA


The Use of Dry Needling for a Subject with Acute Onset of Neck Pain: A Case Report.

Authors: Pavkovich R



An Interval Kicking Progression for Return to Soccer Following Lower Extremity Injury.

Authors: Arundale A, Silvers H, Logerstedt D, Rojas J, Snyder-Mackler L