JUNE 2015

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Relationship between Isokinetic Knee Strength and Jump Characteristics Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

Authors:  Laudner K, Evans D, Wong R, Allen A, Kirsch T, Long B, Meister K


Demographic and Epidemiological Trends in Patellofemoral Pain. 

Authors:   Glaviano NR, Kew M, Hart JM, Saliba S


The Effect of a Pelvic Compression Belt on Functional Hamstring Muscle Activity in Sportsmen With and Without Previous Hamstring Injury.   

Authors:  Arumugam A, Milosavljevic S, Woodley S, Sole G


Functional Movement Screen Normative Values and Validity in High School Athletes: Can the FMSTM be used as a Predictor of Injury?  

Authors:  Bardenett SM, Micca JJ, DeNoyelles JT, Miller SD, Jenk DT, Brooks GS


A Comparison of Change in 3D Scapular Kinematics with Maximal Contractions and Force Production with Scapular Muscle Tests Between Asymptomatic Overhead Athletes with and without Scapular Dyskinesis.

Authors:  Seitz AL, McClelland RI, Jones WJ, Jean RA, Kardouni JR


Total Arc of Motion in the Sidelying Position: Evidence for a New Method to Assess Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit in Overhead Athletes.

Authors: Cieminski CJ, Klaers H, Kelly SM, Stelzmiller MR, Nawrocki TJ, Indrelie AJ


An Elastic Exercise Band Mounted with a Bandcizer™ can Differentiate Between Commonly Prescribed Home Exercises for the Shoulder.

Authors:  McGirr K, Harring SI, Kennedy TSR, Pedersen MFS, Hirata RP, Thorborg K, Bandholm T, Rathleff MS


Impact Shoulder Angles Correlate with Impact Wrist Angles in Standing Back Handsprings in Preadolescent and Adolescent Female Gymnasts.

Authors:  McLaren K, Byrd E, Herzog M, Polikandriotis J, Willimon SC



Silent Deltoid Atrophy in Beach Volleyball Players:  A Report of Two Cases and Literature Review.

Author:  Monteleone G, Gismant M, Stevanato G, Tiloca A  


Improved Pressure Pain Thresholds and Function Following Noxious Electrical Stimulation on a Runner with Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy: A Case Report.

Authors:  Eckenrode BJ, Stackhouse SK


Cuboid Manipulation and Exercise in the Management of Posterior Tibialis Tendinopathy: A Case Report.

Author:  Patla C, Lwin J, Smith L, Chaconas E


Reactive Neuromuscular Training Results in Immediate and Long Term Improvements in Measures of Hamstring Flexibility:  A Case Report.

Author:  Loutsch RA, Baker RT, May JM, Nasypany AM 


The Management of Iliotibial Band Syndrome with a Multifaceted Approach: A Double Case Report.

Author:  Shamus J, Shamus E




Performance Optimization and Injury Prevention Strategies for the Army Physical Fitness Test: Technique Matters.

Authors:  Thelen M, Koppenhaver S


Dry Needling for Myofascial Trigger Point Pain: A Clinical Commentary.

Authors:  Unverzagt C, Berglund K, Thomas JJ