Lifetime Excellence in Education Award


To acknowledge an individual who has made significant contributions in the area of sports physical therapy education through excellence in academic teaching clinical education, and/or professional development over an extended period of time (more than ten years).



  1. Nominee must be a physical therapist and a member of the Sports Physical Therapy Section.
  2. Nominee must be actively engaged in teaching physical therapist students in the area of sports physical therapy (entry or advanced level) for at least ten years.
  3. Nominees must have a faculty appointment of any rank and receive compensation for their teaching responsibilities.
  4. Teaching solely as a component of continuing education does not constitute eligibility for this award.
  5. A person can receive this award only once.
  6. Members of the Executive Committee or Awards committee shall not be eligible for the award. 


Criteria for Selection (Depth, scope and quality of contributions in each of the following)           

  1. Exceptional teaching effectiveness in the academic setting, as evidenced by letters of support.
  2. Distinct expertise in the specialty of sports physical therapy and commitment as a mentor or role model within the area, as evidenced by letters of support
  3. Utilization of talents in a wide variety of publications as evidenced by nominee’s curriculum vitae.
  4. Academic preparation for faculty position as evidenced by degree and/or specialty certification.
  5. Service to the SPTS through volunteerism by serving in a wide variety of roles (elected and appointed) as evidenced in the nominees curriculum vitae.
  6. Participation in activities that foster and promote the practice of sports physical therapy, including clinical practice, as evidenced in the nominees curriculum vitae.
  7. Demonstrated excellence in teaching and mentorship of entry-level and post-professional students.
  8. The nominee must be able to attend CSM for award presentation.


Nomination Procedure

Any member of the SPTS may nominate candidates for the award. A member may self-nominate. A maximum of one (1) award will be given in any year.

  • The nominator is responsible for submitting identified documents in a single electronic award package. Please do not provide materials other than those stated below. Nominations will not be accepted through the mail.
  • Nominations must be sent simultaneously to the Awards Committee Chair and the Executive Director.
  • Nomination packages must include:

1.     Nomination form. Only the official nomination form will be accepted.

2.     Support Statement (letter) from the nominator, not to exceed two (2) pages, including reasons for the nomination.

3.     Current and complete curriculum vitae of the nominee.

4.     Letters from four (4) individuals who can specifically address one or more of the criteria for selection, not to exceed two (2) pages. One should be from a physical therapist colleague and one from a current or former student/resident of the nominee, the additional (2) letters should come from individuals who can address the long term contributions of the nominee.

No additional documents may be sent with the packet.


Notification of the Award

The Awards Team Coordinator will notify the recipient of the award and obtain written confirmation of acceptance.  The name of the recipient will be kept confidential until announced.


The Award and its Presentation

The award will consist of an award and recognition at the SPTS Awards Ceremony at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting.


2010 Mike Voight (first award)

2011 Phil Page

2012 Terry Malone

2013 George J. Davies

2014 Mark Reinking