Midshaft Humeral Fracture Following a Proximal Humeral Fracture: A Case Report.

Authors: Jayaseelan DJ, Post AA, Ruggirello LD, Sault JD

Proximal humeral fractures are relatively uncommon injuries. While previous research has led to effective clinical and diagnostic evaluation and treatment of proximal fractures, less is currently known regarding the typical evaluation and treatment of midshaft humeral fractures. The purpose of this case is to describe the clinical reasoning and utilization of diagnostic imaging in the physical therapy management of a midshaft humeral fracture, sustained during the course of rehabilitation of a proximal humerus fracture.   In this case, a patient who was progressing well following a proximal humeral fracture sustained a separate displaced fracture of the midshaft of the humerus, not associated with therapy. Her reported mechanism was not consistent with a typical injury. This highlights the need for clinicians, specifically physical therapists, to cluster subjective information, objective data, and the patient’s medical history when interpreting patient appropriateness for therapy, and to optimize outcomes.

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