The reliability, minimal detectable change and construct validity of a clinical measurement for quantifying posterior shoulder tightness in the post-operative population.

Authors:  Salamh PA, Kolber MJ

Posterior shoulder tightness (PST) has been implicated in the etiology of numerous shoulder disorders.  Although reliable and valid measures have been described for the non-operative population such measures have not been described for the post-operative population.  The purpose of this study was to investigate the intrarater reliability, minimal detectable change, and construct validity of an inclinometric measurement designed to quantify PST in a post-operative population. The authors found that quantifying PST in the described side lying posture is a reliable and valid measurement in a post-operative population. Additionally, they found that using an inclinometer provides an absolute angle that allows for intersubject comparison, documentation of change, and determination of reference values for the measurement of posterior shoulder tightness.

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