Weekly running volume and risk of running-related injuries among marathon runners.

Authors:  Rasmussen CH, Nielsen RO, Juul MS, Rasmussen S

The purpose of this study was to investigate if the risk of injury in a marathon is related to weekly running volume before the race. The study was a retrospective cohort study on marathon finishers. Following a marathon, participants completed a web-based questionnaire. The outcome of interest was a self-reported running-related injury. The injury had to be severe enough to cause a reduction in distance, speed, duration or frequency of running for at least 14 days. Primary exposure was self-reported average weekly volume of running before the marathon categorized into below 30 km/week, 30 to 60 km/week, and above 60 km/week. Runners may be advised to run a minimum of 30 km/week before a marathon in order  to reduce their risk of running-related injury.

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