Gait Re-training to Alleviate the Symptoms of Anterior Exertional Lower Leg Pain: A Case Series. 

Author: Breen D, Foster J, Falvey E, Frandlyn-Miller A

Exercise induced lower leg pain (EILP) is a commonly diagnosed overuse injury in recreational runners and in the military with an incidence of 27-33% of all lower leg pain presentations. This condition has proven difficult to treat conservatively and patients commonly undergo surgical decompression of the compartment by fasciotomy. This case series investigates the effects of a kinematic gait retraining intervention for exercise induced lower leg pain of the anterior compartment.   This case series describes a conservative treatment intervention for patients with biomechanical overload syndrome/exertional compartment syndrome of the anterior lower leg utilizing gait retraining, using coaching cues. Three of the four coaching cues affected lasting changes in gait kinematics. Significant improvements were shown in pain free running times and function. 

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