August 2014

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Elevating quality with mandatory use of standard reporting guidelines.

Authors:  Voight ML, Hoogenboom BJ



The validity of two-dimensional measurement of trunk angle during dynamic tasks.

Authors:   DiCesare CA, Bates NA, Myer GD, Hewett TE


Comparison of the immediate effect of different types of trunk exercise on the Star Excursion Balance Test in male adolescent soccer players.

Authors:  Imai A, Kaneoka K, Okubo Y, Shiraki H


Effects of postural control manipulation on visuomotor training performance: comparative data in healthy athletes.

Authors:  Bigsby K, Mangine RE, Clark JF,  Rauch JT, Bixenmann B, Susaret AW, Hasselfeld KA, Colosimo AJ


Off-season training habits and pre-season functional test measures of Division III collegiate athletes: a descriptive report. 

Authors:  Brumitt J, Heiderscheit BC, Manske RC, Niemuth PE, Rauh MJ 


Reduced hip strength is associated with increased hip motion during running in young adult and adolescent male long-distance runners.

Authors:  Taylor-Haas JA, Hugentobler JA, DiCesare CA, Hickey Lucas KC, Bates NA, Myer GD, Ford KR


Patellofemoral pain subjects exhibit decreased passive hip range of motion compared to controls.

Authors:  Roach SM,  San Juan JG, Suprak DN, Lyda M, Boydston C


Effect of ankle braces on lower extremity muscle activation during functional exercises in participants with chronic ankle instability.

Authors:  Feger MA, Donovan L, Hart JM, Hertel J


The effects of conventional physical therapy and eccentric strengthening for insertional achilles tendinopathy.

Authors:  Kedia M, Williams M, Jain L, Barron M, Bird N, Blackwell B, Richardson DR, Ishikawa S, Murphy GA 


A comparison of range of motion change across four posterior shoulder tightness measurements after external rotator fatigue.

Authors:  Dashottar  A, Costantini O, Borstad J

A total motion release warm-up improves dominant arm shoulder internal and external rotation in baseball players.

Authors:  Gamma SC, Baker RT, Iorio S, Nasypany A,  Seegmiller JG


Bilateral differences in the upper quarter function of high school aged baseball and softball players.

Authors:  Butler RJ, Myers HS, Black D, Kiesel KB, Plisky PJ, Moorman CT, Queen RM



Diagnosis and management of acute medial tibial stress syndrome in a fifteen year old female surf life-saving competitor. A case report.

Author:  Pietrzak  M 

A modified mobilization-with-movement to treat a lateral ankle sprain.

Authors:  Mau H, Baker RT



Functional movement screening: the use of fundamental movements as an assessment of function - Part 2  

Authors:  Cook G, Burton L, Hoogenboom BJ, Voight M