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An Examination of the Gluteal Muscle Activity Associated With Dynamic Hip Abduction and Hip External Rotation Exercise: A Systematic Review.

Authors:  Macadam P, Cronin J, Contreras B



The Influence of Hip Strength on Knee Kinematics during a Single-Legged Medial Drop Landing Among Competitive Collegiate Basketball Players.

Authors:  Suzuki H, Omori G, Uematsu D, Nishino K, Endo N


Y Balance Test™ Anterior Reach Symmetry at Three Months is related to Single Leg Functional Performance at Time of Return to Sports Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.

Authors:   Garrison JC, Bothwell JM, Wolf G, Aryal S, Thigpen CA


Modified Functional Movement Screening as a Predictor of Tactical Performance Potential in Recreationally Active Adults.

Authors:  Glass SM, Ross SE


Overhead Deep Squat Performance Predicts Functional Movement Screen™ Score.

Authors:  Clifton DR, Grooms DR, Onate JA


Relationships Between Functional Movement Tests and Performance Tests in Young Elite Male Basketball Players.

Authors:  Gonzalo-Skok O, Serna J, Rhea MR, Marín PJ


The Minimum Clinically Important Difference on the VISA-A and LEFS for Patients with Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy.

Authors: McCormack J, Underwood F, Slaven E, Cappaert T


Electromyographic Analysis of Shoulder Girdle Muscles during Common Internal Rotation Exercises.

Authors:  Alizadehkhaiyat O, Hawkes DH, Kemp GJ, Frostick SP


Reliability of Strength and Performance Testing Measures and Their Ability to Differentiate Persons with and without Shoulder Symptoms.

Authors:  Sciascia A, Uhl T


Effects of a Season of Sub-concussive Contact on Child- SCAT3 Scores in 8-12 Year-Old Male Athletes.

Authors:  Jennings D, Sells P, Allison J, Boyd K, Frommert D, Kessler C, Merryman L, Muchmore J, Odom TJ, Salmon R, Robinson K




Physical Therapy Intervention Strategies for Patients with Prolonged Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms: A Case Series.

Author:  Hugentobler JA, Vegh M, Janiszewski B, Quatman-Yates C


A Novel Approach to Treating Plantar Fasciitis – Effects of Primal Reflex Release Technique: A Case Series.

Authors:  Hansberger BL, Baker RT, May J, Nasypany A


Posterior Sternoclavicular Joint Dislocation in a Division I Football Player: A Case Report.

Author:  Cruz MF, Erdeljac J, Williams R, Brown M, Bolgla L


Differential Diagnostic Process and Clinical Decision Making in a Young Adult Female With Lateral Hip Pain: A Case Report.

Author:  Livingston JI, Deprey SM, Hensley CP


A Novel Approach for the Reversal of Chronic Apparent Hamstring Tightness: A Case Report.

Author:  Baker RT, Hansberger BL, Warren L, Nasypany A