Upper body push and pull strength ratio in recreationally active adults.

Authors:  Negrete RJ, Hanney WJ, Pabian P, Kolber MJ

Agonist to antagonist strength data is commonly analyzed due to its association with injury and performance. The purpose of this study was to examine the agonist to antagonist ratio of upper body strength using two simple field tests (timed push up / timed modified pull up) in recreationally active adults and to establish the basis for reference standards.   In this study, these recreationally active adults displayed greater strength during the timed push-ups than the modified pull-ups. The relationship of these imbalances to one’s performance and or injury risk requires further investigation. The reference values, however, may serve the basis for future comparison and prospective investigations. The field tests in this study can be easily implemented by clinicians and an agonist/antagonist ratio can be determined and compared to the current findings.

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