APRIL 2014


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Validation of measures from the smartphone sway balance application: a pilot study.

Authors: Patterson JA, Amick RZ, Thummar T, Rogers ME


Feasibility and reliability of dynamic postural control measures in children in first through fifth grades. 

Authors: Faigenbaum AD, Myer GD, Fernandez IP, Carrasco EG, Bates N, Farrell A, Ratamess NA, Kang J


Effect of injury prevention training on knee mechanics in female adolescents during puberty.

Authors: Otsuki R, Kuramochi R, Fukubayashi T


Effects of hip strengthening on early outcomes following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Authors: Garrison C, Bothwell J, Cohen K, Conway J


Associations between knee extensor power and functional performance in patients after total knee arthroplasty and normal controls without knee pain.

Authors: Marmon AR, Milcarek BI, Snyder-Mackler, L


A criterion-based sling weaning progression (SWEAP) and outcomes following shoulder arthroscopic surgery in an active duty military population.

Authors: Hire JM, Pniewski JE,  Dickston ML , Jacobs, JM, Mueller TL, Abell BE, and Bojescul JA  


Intra-rater and inter-rater reliability of the five image-based criteria of the foot posture Index-6.

Authors: Terada M, Wittwer AM, Gribble PA 


Intra- and inter-rater reliability of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)

Authors: Glaws KR, Juneau CM, Becker LC, Di Stasi SL, Hewett TE




Rehabilitation of a 23-year-old male after right knee arthroscopy and open reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament with a tibialis anterior allograft: a case report.

Author: Cheatham S, Kolber MJ, Hanney WJ


Treatment of distal iliotibial band syndrome in a long distance runner with gait re-training emphasizing step rate manipulation

Author: Allen DJ


Rehabilitation strategies addressing neurocognitive and balance deficits following a concussion in a female snowboard athlete: a case report

Author: Faltus J 




Pediatric sports specific return to play guidelines following concussion

Authors: May KH, Marshall DL, Burns TG, Popoli DM, Polikandriotis JA


Radiological examination of the hip: clinical indications, methods, and interpretation: a clinical commentary

Authors: Reis AC,  Rabelo NDA,  Pereira RP, Polesello G, Martin RL,  Lucareli PRG,  Fukuda TY


ACL reconstruction: it’s all about timing.

Authors: Evans S, Shaginaw J, Bartolozzi A


Current concepts of rotator cuff tendinopathy.

Authors: Factor D, Dale B