Meeting Minutes: CSM 2013

Professional and Intercollegiate SIG
Accomplishments and Goals met 2012-2013:

  • Membership has grown to approximately 250 members.  
  • Secured and present programming on
    • Rehab of the Athlete's Hip, Part 1: Impingement and Sports Hernia
    • Rehab of the Athlete's Hip, Part 2: Muscle and Tendon injuries.

Goals for 2013-2014:

  • Potentially develop a better communication system (webpage, Facebook etc.) so that members can post items easier and quicker to the group.
  • Continue to work on  and secure joint educational programming for next year.
  • Continue to advance membership and involvement.


Meeting Minutes: CSM 2011

  • The Intercollegiate and Professional SIG was well represented at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting last week.  Several SIG members were members of panels that presented Sports Section programming.  Additionally, our (informal) Business Meeting was very well attended, and many great ideas were exchanged.  Among them:
  • Request was made to provide an educational lecture and/or lab session during our business meeting at CSM.  (Gary Calabrese will coordinate this project.)
  • Discussion resumed from last year re: survey of Best Practices in Sports Physical Therapy.  (Mark Reinking will coordinate this project.)
  • Ideas for future programming was discussed.  Members are encouraged to submit programming proposals for CSM 2012 via ScholarOne website.  Submission information/directions are forthcoming.  The deadline for submission is April 4, 2012.
  • This year represents the SIG’s sixth year in existence.  What began as 9 members has evolved into more than 225 members.  The coming year represents a change in leadership, as John and I will be stepping down as Co-Chairs.

Many thanks to all of those who attended  CSM, and especially to those who have supported our SIG over the past six years.



Meeting Minutes: CSM 2010

The Intercollegiate and Professional Sports SIG had another successful CSM in San Diego.  We started the week by co-sponsoring a pre-conference course with the Hip SIG titled, "Management of Hip Injuries in Athletes".  The course was well attended and received excellent reviews.  The speakers, many of which are SIG members, presented the latest information on intra-and extra-articular hip pathology, including evaluation, rehabilitation, and surgical intervention of hip injuries, as well as functional testing and return-to-play criteria.

With the generous support of Exertools, Inc. and Phyiscal Enterprise, we again held a social for our members, where approximately 40 members enjoyed food, drinks, and conversation.  It was an outstanding opportunity for socializing and networking with SIG members.

The following morning, we held our Business Meeting, where we exchanged ideas for future programming, ways to improve communication amongst  members, and methods in which to get a better picture of the sports medicine models being utilized in the intercollegiate and professional settings.  The meeting concluded with the establishment of goals for the upcoming year.  These goals include:

1.  Sponsoring a pre-conference course on "Proprioceptive Taping" at CSM 2011.

2.  Sponsoring an educational session on "Management of Soft Tissue Injuries in Athletics" at CSM 2011.

3.  Developing a method in which to collect descriptive information on the sports medicine models being used in the intercollegiate and professional settings.

4.  Continuing to serve the membership by disseminating a monthly newsletter, written by SIG member Dan Lorenz.

5.  Mentoring new professionals with an expressed interest in our Special Interest Group.

Our membership now exceeds 150 members.  As we continue to grow, we encourage increase involvement by our members.

Please contact John Stemm for more information about opportunities within the SPTS Intercollegiate and Professional Sports Special Interest Group.