APRIL 2015


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The Reliability of Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging in the Measurement of Infraspinatus Muscle Function in the Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Shoulders of Patients with Unilateral Shoulder Impingement Syndrome.

Authors: Koppenhaver S, Harris D, Harris A, O’Connor E, Dummar M, Croy T, Walker M, Flynn T


Concurrent Validity and Reliability of 2D Kinematic Analysis of Frontal Plane Motion during Running.

Authors: Maykut JN, Taylor-Hass JA, Paterno MV, DiCesare CA, Ford KR


Reliability of Video-based Quantification of the Knee and Hip Angle at Foot Strike during Running.

Authors:  Damsted C, Nielsen RO, Larsen HL


Lower Extremity Overuse Bone Injury Risk Factors in Collegiate Athletes: A Pilot Study.

Authors: Reinking M, Austin TM, Bennett J, Hayes AM, Mitchell WA


Clinical Observation and Analysis of Movement Quality during Performance on the Star Excursion Balance Test.

Authors: Ness BM, Taylor AL, Haberl MD, Reuteman PF, Borgert AJ


Evaluation of a Treatment Algorithm for Patients with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Pilot Study.

Authors: Selhorst M, Rice W, Degenhart T, Jackowski M, Tatman M


Biomechanical Loads During Common Rehabilitation Exercises in Obese Individuals.

Authors: Singh B, Francis SL, Janz KF, Yack HJ


The Validity and Reliability of a New Instrumented Device for Measuring Ankle Dorsiflexion Range of Motion.

Authors: Calatayud J, Martin F, Gargallo P, Garcia-Redondo J, Colado JC, Marin PJ


Comparing the Effects of Self-myofascial Release with Static Stretching on Ankle Range of Motion in Adolescent Athletes.

Authors: Skarabot J, Beardsley C, Stirn I


Effect of Forefoot Type on Postural Stability – A Cross Sectional Comparative Study.

Authors: Guru K, Shamjibhai JJ, Venkatesan N


The Relationship Between Adherence Behaviors and Recovery Time in Adolescents after a Sports-related Concussion: An Observational Study. 

Authors: Moor HM, Eisenhauer RC, Killian KD, Proudfoot N, Henriques AA, Congeni JA, Reneker JC



Differential Diagnosis and Management of an Older Runner with an Atypical Neurodynamic Presentation: A Case for Clinical Reasoning.

Author: Sylvain J, Reiman MP  


The Use of Dry Needling for a Subject with Chronic Lateral Hip and Thigh Pain: A Case Report.

Authors: Pavkovich R




Considerations for Late Stage ACL Rehabilitation and Return to Sport to Limit Re-Injury Risk and Maximize Athletic Performance.

Authors:  Bien DP, Dubuque TJ