Trunk and Hip Electromyographic Activity during Single Leg Squat Exercises: Do sex differences exist?

Authors:  Bolga L, Cook N, Hogarth K, Scott J, West C

Researchers have identified sex-differences in lower extremity muscle activation during functional activities that involve landing and cutting maneuvers. However, less research has been conducted to determine if muscle activation differences occur during rehabilitation exercises. The purpose of this investigation was to determine if sex-differences exist for activation amplitudes of the trunk and hip muscles during four single leg squat (SLS) exercises.  The researchers found that none of the subjects generated sufficient EMG activity for strength gains during the studied exercises. Females generated a moderate level of gluteus medius activity appropriate for neuromuscular re-education/endurance. Males generated a low level of gluteus medius activity that may not necessarily be sufficient to improve gluteus medius function. Subjects exhibited low levels of EMG activity for the other muscles. These findings suggest that clinicians should modify and/or prescribe different exercises than those studied herein for the purpose of improving glutues medius, gluteus maximus, abdominal oblique, and lumbar extensor function.


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