Utilization of Autoregulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise in Transitional Rehabilitation Periodization of a High School Football-Player following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Case Report.

Author: Horschig A, Neff T, Serrano A

The Autoregulatory Progressive Resistance Exercise (APRE) model of periodization is an effective form of resistance training programming for short-term training cycles in healthy athletic populations that has yet to be effectively described in literature in application for rehabilitation purposes. The purposes of this case report are to: 1) review the periodization concepts outlined in the APRE model, 2) to detail the use of the APRE periodization programming through the rehabilitation of a high school football player using the back squat exercise after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) and 3), to examine the applicability of this method in the transitional period from skilled rehabilitation to strength and conditioning for which a current disconnect exists.  The results of this case report strengthen the current limited evidence regarding periodization during the later phases of rehabilitation and the transition back to sport participation time period, while at the same time provide new insights for future protocol considerations in rehabilitating athletes. The APRE method of periodization provides an individualized progressive resistive protocol that may be useful to safely and effectively increase strength in both healthy populations and individuals recovering from injury during short-term training cycles.

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