SCS Home Study Course: Chapter 8

Prevention of Common Musculoskeletal Sports Injuries


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Michael J. Mullaney PT, DPT

Research Associate

Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine & Athletic Trauma

Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, New York

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Mullaney & Associates Physical Therapy, LLC

Matawan, New Jersey



By the completion of this chapter, the therapist will be able to:

1.   Understand the stages of development and implementation of a research-based injury prevention program.

2.   Recognize the risk factors associated with muscle strain injuries.

3.   Implement muscle strain prevention programs specific for sport athletes.

4.   Recognize the risk factors associated with anterior cruciate ligament tears in females.

5.   Implement an anterior cruciate ligament injury prevention program for sport athletes.

6.   Recognize the risk factors associated with ankle injuries.

7.   Implement clinical and preventative measures to decrease the risk factors associated with ankle injuries in an athletic population.



I.    Development and Implementation of Injury Prevention Programs

II. Muscle Strains

      a. Incidence of muscle strains

      b. Risk factors of muscle strains

      c. Muscle strain injury prevention

      d. Effective interventions for muscle strains

III. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Prevention

      a. Female injury risk

      b. ACL injury risk factors

      c. ACL injury prevention programs

      d. Knee bracing for injury prevention

IV.  Prevention of Ankle Injuries

      a. Understanding ankle injuries

      b. Ankle injury risk factors

      c. Ankle injury prevention programs

      d. Bracing and taping for ankle injury prevention

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