Real-Time Test-Retest and Inter-Rater Reliability of Select Physical Performance Measures in Physically Active College-Aged Students. 

Authors: Tarara DT, Hegedus EJ, Taylor JB

A new 16-item physical performance measure screening battery (16-PPM) was developed in order to expand on established movement based qualitatively scored functional screening batteries to encompass a quantitatively scored functional constructs such as strength, endurance, and power.  The purpose of this study was quantify the real-time tests-retest and expert versus novice inter-rater reliability of the16-PPM screen on a group of physically active college-aged individuals. The authors’ hypothesized that the test-retest and inter-rater reliability of quantitatively-scored performance measures would be highly correlated (ICC ≥ 0.75) and that qualitatively-scored movement screening tests would be moderately correlated (Kw = 0.41-0.60).  The majority of the quantitatively scored components of the 16-PPMs demonstrated good expert-novice inter-rater reliability (ICC > 0.75), while qualitatively scored tests had moderate (Kw = 0.41-0.60) to substantial (Kw = 0.61-0.80) agreement. Test-retest reliability was consistent between raters, with most quantitatively scored PPMs exhibiting superior reliability to the qualitatively scored PPMs.  Therefore, the authors concluded that the 16-PPM test items showed good test-retest and inter-rater reliability. However, results indicate that expert raters may be more reliable than novice raters for qualitatively scored tests. The validity of this 16-PPM needs to be determined in future studies.

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