Effects of a 6-week whole body vibration training on the reflex response of the ankle muscles: a randomized controlled trial.

Authors:  Martinez F, Rubio J, Ramos DJ, Estaban P, Mendizabal S, Jimenez F

The ligament sprain of the lateral ankle is the most frequent injury that occurs when participating in sports.  Whole body vibration (WBV) is a training method that has been recently introduced as a rehabilitative tool for treatment of athletes.  The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of a 6 week WBV training program on the reflex response mechanism of the peroneus longus (PL), peroneus brevis (PB), and anterior tibialis (AT) muscles in ankle inversion at 30 degrees from horizontal, in a static position. After 6 weeks of WBV training, there were no significant changes in the reflex response times among the muscles tested.

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