Volume Six, Number Three

Table of Contents



Differences in change scores and the predictive validity of three commonly used measures following concussion in the middle school and high school aged population.

Authors:  Barlow M, Schlabach D, Peiffer J, Cook C


Management of acute sports injuries and medical conditions by physical therapists: assessment via case scenarios.

Authors:  Cross PS, Karges JR, Salsbery MA, Smith D, Stanley EJ


A pilot survey on injury and safety concerns in international sledge hockey

Authors:  Hawkeswood J, Finlayson H, O’Conner R, Anton H


The influence of heel height on sagittal plane knee kinematics during landing tasks in recreationally active and athletic collegiate females.

Authors:  Lindenberg KM, Carcia CR, Phelps AL, Martin RL, Burrows AM


The navicular position test – A reliable measure of the Navicular bone position during rest and loading.

Authors:  Sporndly-Nees S, Dasberg B, Nielsen R, Boesen M, Langberg H


Electromyographic analysis of gluteus medius and gluteus maximus during rehabilitation exercises.

Authors:  Boren K, Conrey C, LeCoguic J, Paprocki L, Voight M, Robinson K





Shoulder pain and dysfunction secondary to neural injury.

Authors:  Brown KE, Stickler L





Post-activation potentiation:  an introduction

Authors:  Lorenz DS


Integration of strength and conditioning principles into a rehabilitation program

Authors:  Reiman MP, Lorenz DS





Cervicogenic headaches:  an evidenced-led approach to clinical management.

Author:  Page P


The use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the automated external defibrillator in the practice of sports physical therapy.

Author:  Smith D, Hoogenboom B