The Turner A. Blackburn Hall of Fame/Lifetime Achievement Award


The purpose of this award is to honor a Sports Physical Therapy Section (SPTS) member whose contributions to the specialty of sports physical therapy through leadership, influence, and achievements have been demonstrated by frequent and sustained efforts for a period of not less than 25 years. 



  1. Nominee must be a physical therapist who is a current SPTS member and a member in good standing of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). 
  2. Nominee must have made frequent and sustained efforts to the advancement of the profession of physical therapy in the area of sports physical therapy in research/publication, education/teaching, and clinical expertise over a sustained period of 25 years.
  3. Nominee must have made distinguished contributions to the SPTS by serving in various roles (elected and appointed) over a sustained period of 25 years.
  4. Nominee must have national recognition by APTA members and by leaders outside of the physical therapy profession over a sustained period of 25 years.
  5. Members of the SPTS Executive Committee and the Awards Committee shall not be eligible for the award during their terms in office.


Criteria for Selection (depth, scope, and quality of contributions in each of the following ) scored using the Hall of Fame Scoring Criteria

  1. The nominee shall have forged and sustained relationships with other members of sports/health fields and promoted the profession of physical therapy and the specialty of sports physical therapy in a professional manner. 
  2. Service to the SPTS through volunteerism by serving in a wide variety of roles (elected and appointed) over a 25 year period.
  3. Professional public visibility by long standing contributions related to the practice of sports physical therapy, as demonstrated by publications, presentations, and invited lectures over a 25 year period.
  4. Contributions in each of the areas of administration, education (academic or continuing education), patient care, and research over a period of 25 years.
  5. The nominee shall have served as an accomplished role model and provided incentive for other members to grow and reach their highest potential.
  6. Previous recognition of contributions as demonstrated by other awards and honors.
  7. The nominee must be able to attend APTA Combined Sections Meeting for the award presentation.


Nomination Procedure

Any member of the SPTS may nominate candidates for the award. A member may self-nominate. One (1) award will generally be given in any year.

The official nomination form must be used.

The Hall of Fame committee is a sub-committee of the Awards Committee and will make recommendations for this award.

  1. Nominations will be submitted to the Awards Committee Chair and to the Executive Director using the same procedure for solicitation of all awards. Nominations must be presented as a single electronic package via email; mailed nominations will not be considered.
  2. Nomination packets will be collected and distributed by the Awards Committee Chair for review by the subcommittee.  
  3. The sub-committee will be selected by the current HOF members.  The committee shall select a maximum of three (3) awardees who meet the scoring criteria minimum and make these recommendations to the Awards Committee
  4. The Awards Committee will review and make recommendations to the SPTS EC.
  5. Posthumous nominations are acceptable.


Notification of the Award

The SPTS President will notify the recipient of the award and obtain written confirmation of acceptance.  The name of the recipient(s) will be kept confidential until announced.


Receipt of the Award

The recipient shall give a brief acceptance for the award at the award ceremony. The recipient will be invited to write a written statement for potential publication by the SPTS.


The Award and its Presentation

The award includes an award, an honorarium, as well as travel and per diem for attendance at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting.



2005  Turner A. Blackburn

2006  George Davies

2006  Terry Malone

2006  Bob Mangine

2007  Barb Sanders

2007  Lynn Wallace

2007  Gary Derscheid

2010  Bill Bandy, Mike Voight

2011  Todd Ellenbecker

2011  Danny Smith

2012  Barbara Hoogenboom

2012  Walt Jenkins

2012  Kevin Wilk

2013  Marty Huegel

2013  Joe Black

2014 Gordon Eiland

2015 Mark De Carlo