Case Report

Chronic Leg Pain in a Division II Field Hockey Player: A Case Report

Authors: Snowden J, Becker JA, Brosky JA, Hazle C

Exertional compartment syndromes in athletes represent a diagnostic and management challenge for clinicians.  The clinical presentation of exertional compartment syndrome is similar to several other more common musculoskeletal disorders.  A lack of special tests or unique diagnostic identifiers for use in decision making by out-patient clinicians complicates early recognition of this disorder and may delay optimal management. The purpose of this case report is to retrospectively explore the clinical presentation and the decision-making during that occurred during the course of care of a field hockey athlete eventually determined to have exertional compartment syndrome. Suggestions to assist in recognition and guidance in patient management are included as well as the procedures required for differential diagnosis.  Procedures utilized during conservative care are also described in detail.

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