December 2013

Original Research

Test-Re-test Consistency of a Postural Sway Assessment Protocol for Adolescent Athletes Measured with a Force Plate.

Authors: Quatman-Yates C, Lee A, Hugentobler JA, Kurowski BG, Myer GD, Riley MA


Comparison of Dynamic Balance in Adolescent Male Soccer Players from Rwanda and the United States.

Authors: Butler RJ, Queen RM, Beckman B, Kiesel KB, Plisky PJ


Development of a Preliminary Clinical Prediction Rule to Identify Patients with Neck Pain that May Benefit from a Standardized Program of Stretching and Muscle Performance Exercise: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Authors: Hanney WJ, Kolber MJ, George SZ, Young, I, Patel CK, Cleland JA


Thoracolumbar Range of Motion in Baseball Pitchers and Position Players.

Authors: Laudner K, Lynall R, Williams JG, Wong R, Onuki T, Meister K


Criterion Validation of the Rate of Recovery, a Single Alphanumeric Measure, in Patients with Shoulder Pain.

Authors: O'Halloran B, Wright A, Cook CE


Side-lying Glenohumeral Passive Internal Rotation Range of Motion Values in a Healthy Collegiate Population.

Authors: Carcia CR, Cacolice PA, Scibeck JS


Clinical Effectiveness of Kinesio taping on Pain and Pain-free Shoulder Range of Motion in Patients with Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: A Randomized, Double blinded, Placebo-controlled Trial.

Authors: Shakeri H, Keshavarz R, Arab AM, Ebrahimi I


Perceived Loading and Muscle Activity During Hip Strengthening Exercises: Comparison of Elastic Resistance and Machine Exercises.

Authors: Petersen MB, Jakobsen MD, Thorborg K, Sundstrup E, Andersen KJ, Andersen LL


The Validity of Plantarflexor Strength Measures Obtained Through Hand-held Dynamometry Measurements of Force.

Authors: Marmon AE, Pozzi F, Alnahdi A, Zeni JA


Comparative Immediate Functional Outcomes Among Cryotherapeutic Interventions at the Ankle.

Authors: Williams EE, Miller SJ, Sebastianelli WT, Vairo GL


Systematic Review

A Systematic Review of Outcome Tools Used to Measure Lower Leg Conditions.

Authors: Shultz S, Olszewski A, Ramsey O, Schmitz M, Wyatt V, Cook C 


Case Report

Diagnosis and Management of Atypical and Persistent Anterolateral Knee Pain in a 16-year-old Triathlete: An Iterative Process.

Author: Pietrzak M


Bony Avulsion Injury of the Pectoralis Major in a 19-year-old Male Judo Athlete: A Case Report.

Authors: Shepard NP, Westrick RB, Owens BD, Johnson MR


Subscapularis Syndrome: A Case Report.

Authors: Thurner NS, Donatelli RA, Bascharon R


Clinical Commentary

Meralgia Paresthetica: A Review of the Literature.

Authors: Cheatham SW, Kolber MJ, Salamh PA