Association Between the Functional Movement Screen and Injury Development in College Athletes.

Authors: Garrison M, Westrick R, Johnson MR, Benenson J

As the number of sports participants continues to rise, so does the number of sports injuries.  Establishing a valid method of identifying athletes at elevated risk for injury could lead to intervention programs that lower injury rates and improve overall athlete performance.  The Functional Movement ScreenTM is an efficient and reliable method to screen movement patterns during the performance of specific tasks.  The authors of this study hypothesized that a history of previous injury combined with FMSTM composite score will accurately predict future injury risk.  They found that athletes with an FMSTM composite score at 14 or below combined with a self-reported past history of injury were at 15 times increased risk of injury.  A positive likelihood ratio of 5.8 was calculated which improved the probability of predicting injury from 33% pretest to 74% posttest.  While controversy exists as to the injury predicting capacity of the FMSTM, this study adds to the body of evidence demonstrating that there is a predictive relationship between FMSTM composite scores and past history of injury with the development of future injury.

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