Business Meeting Report, CSM 2014

Carol Ferkovic, Chair

1. Christy Zwolski gave an excellent presentation on injury prevention. There is a link to the presentation on our twitter or facebook pages and here

2. Speaking of our social media pages: if you are not a page administrator and you have an article or discussion topic that you’d like put on twitter/facebook, please email either myself, Christy (, or Julie Granger ( and we will  post it for you

3. The deadline for CSM 2015 programming is March 4. Upload proposals at this link.  Let me know if you need any assistance with this or guidance on developing programming. The proposal just has to be a basic idea, speaker information, and references. The Section would like as many of these as possible in order to continue providing quality conference programming

4.       SIG plans for 2014 include

a. We plan to host a quarterly online conference call, consisting of a 30 minute presentation/30 minute discussion on various topics related to the female athlete.  If you have any suggestions for topics, or if you are interested in speaking, please email me.

b. We would like to start a monthly email discussion, featuring either a clinical question on a complicated patient or a “journal club” between SIG members. Again, if you are interested in doing this please email me and I can assign you to a specific month.  

c. Possible webinars for SIG members. Stay tuned for further details

5. Other ways to get involved:

a. The SPTS Membership Team is looking to appoint one member to the Awards Committee and two members to the website committee.  More information on these positions will be posted on the SPTS website soon but you can also contact Lori Bolga at  or 706-721-1517.

b. The SPTS is looking for members to become a part of the State Representative Network, which includes monitoring state legislative activities and serving as a liaison between the section and its members. For more information and to see if your state is in need of a representative, check out this link

6. Also, I would love feedback from all of you in regards to what you would like to see our SIG accomplish in 2014. I’d  really appreciate it if you could complete this survey by Friday, February 28.

And lastly (whew...this was a lot of info…thanks for reading to the end!), I would like to start off the journal club discussion for February. There is an article attached here that goes along with one of the big themes of CSM 2014...the benefits of using an external focus of attention for motor performance rather than an internal focus. This article is a nice explanation of the differences between the two types. 

So my question to you all is… what type of cues do you use with your athletes to develop an external focus with jumping/landing?  Or with cutting activities?  I think this has a lot of implications for ACL risk reduction programs. Feel free to send the group any other literature on this topic as well.