Physical Therapy Intervention Strategies for Patients with Prolonged Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms: A Case Series

Author:  Hugentobler JA, Vegh M, Janiszewski B, Quatman-Yates C

Although most patients recover from a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) within 7-14 days, 10-30% of people will experience prolonged mTBI symptoms. Currently, there are no standardized treatment protocols to guide physical therapy interventions for this population. The purpose of this case series was to describe the unique, multimodal evaluation and treatment approaches for each of the patients with post-concussion syndrome (PCS).   Patients were treated for a mean of 6.8 treatment sessions over 9.8 weeks. Four of six patients returned to their pre-injury level of activity while two returned to modified activity upon completion of physical therapy. Improvements were observed in symptom scores, gaze stability, balance and postural control measures, and patient self-management of symptoms. All patients demonstrated adequate self-management of symptoms upon discharge from physical therapy.  Physical therapy interventions for pediatric athletes with PCS may facilitate recovery and improve function. 

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