Elevating quality with mandatory use of standard reporting guidelines

Authors:  Voight ML, Hoogenboom BJ

The Editorial staff of The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy (IJSPT) is dedicated to the review, critical appraisal, and publication of high quality scientific and clinical research, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and case reports.  As IJSPT progresses through its’ ninth year of providing high quality research evidence as well as relevant clinical commentary and suggestions for the international sports physical therapy community, we offer the following editorial.  We, along with many other prestigious journals are committed to elevating the quality of published research related to disability and rehabilitation and agree to adherence to the following reporting guidelines, which will be required by IJSPT as of January 1, 2015.  Many of these guidelines are all ready in place and have been implemented by IJSPT.   This Editorial is a reprint of a previously published Editorial in The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. (  For citation purposes, please use the original publication details:  Chan L, Heinemann AW, and Roberts J, Elevating the Quality of Disability and Rehabilitation Research:  Mandatory use of the Reporting Guidelines.  Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2014:  95:  414-417

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