Original Research

Comparative Immediate Functional Outcomes Among Cryotherapeutic Interventions at the Ankle.

Authors: Williams EE, Miller SJ, Sebastianelli WT, Vairo GL

There is a lack of evidence detailing the immediate effects of different cryotherapy interventions applied at the ankle on functional outcomes such as balance and jumping tasks in a physically active population. Therefore, the purpose of the present study is to compare the immediate effects of varied modes of cryotherapy applications to the ankle joint on Star Excursion Balance Test and vertical jump height performance. The authors hypothesized that cryotherapy would acutely decrease performance when compared to a control, and that concomitant compression would further hinder outcomes. The author's findings suggest no immediate differences in lower extremity performance outcome measures between the respective treatment modes applied to the ankle in a young, healthy and physically active population. Additional investigation is warranted to study the related delayed effects of these interventions.

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