Invited Clinical Commentary: Research Handbook


Publishing your work in a journal: understanding the peer review process.

Authors: Voight M, Hoogenboom B 


Evidence-based medicine/practice in sports physical therapy.

Authors: Manske R, Lehecka B 


Levels of evidence in medicine.

Authors: McNair P, Lewis G 


Research designs in sports physical therapy. 

Authors: Page P 


Systematic review and meta-analysis: a primer.

Authors: Impellizzeri F, Bizzini M  

Statistical principles for prospective study protocols: design, analysis and reporting.

Authors: Christensen R, Langberg H  


How to write a scientific article.

Authors: Hoogenboom B, Manske R  


Avoiding manuscript mistakes. 

Authors: Grindstaff T, Saliba S



Original Research  


Changes in lower extremity movement and power absorption during forefoot striking and barefoot running.

Authors: Williams B, Green DH, Wurzinger B


Comparison of different trunk endurance testing methods in college-aged individuals.

Authors: Reiman MP, Krier AD, Nelson JA, Rogers MA, Stuke ZO, Smith BS


The acute effects of various types of stretching: static, dynamic, ballistic, and no stretching of the iliopsoas on 40-yard sprint times in recreational runners.

Authors: Wallmann HW, Christensen SD, Perry C, Hoover DL


Shoulder range of motion, pitch count, and injuries among interscholastic female softball pitchers: a descriptive study.

Authors: Shanley E, Michener L, Ellenbecker T, Rauh M



Clinical Commentary: Diagnostics Corner


Acute management concepts of the acromioclavicular joint.

Authors: Malone T