Exciting News from the Student Assembly Board of Directors

Dear Component Presidents and Executives,

The Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) is always striving to bring opportunities directly to students. While there are more opportunities available than ever, students often struggle to find them and feel they miss events they would otherwise participate in (per results of our 2013 Student Assembly survey). 

I'm writing to announce that we have restructured two of our major initiatives and ask for your help in working closer together than ever. Together, I hope we can bring students opportunities from across APTA in an organized and accessible fashion. 








First, we have rebranded our involvement campaign, The Loop. The new Loop website displays our updated structure and includes new graphics, allowing all to explore the myriad of opportunities within the Student Assembly. Please don't hesitate to email me directly if there is a way we can improve or better promote the opportunities within your component through our newly revamped Loop website. 

Second, we have reinvested in the infrastructure of our Loop Communication Network (LCN). The LCN is an extraordinary way to advertise YOUR Component's opportunities to students. Here's the basics: 

  • Why use the LCN: With faculty contacts placed at 85% (and growing) of all PT/PTA schools, this is an excellent way to reach nearly ALL students, regardless of their membership status. 
  • How to use the LCN: If you have an opportunity you want us to send through the LCN, just send that opportunity to our Vice President, Leiselle Pilgrim, at
  • What we do: We will include all opportunities submitted to us in our next email blast to all students (scheduled once monthly). If it's a time sensitive opportunity, we may opt to send it immediately. 

We are looking forward to promoting your opportunities to students and a growing our collaboration with all Components. 

On behalf of the Student Assembly, thanks for all that you do to support, encourage, and nourish our growth as budding professionals. 

Best regards,