Effects of postural control manipulation on visuomotor training performance: comparative data in healthy athletes.

Authors:  Bigsby K, Mangine RE, Clark JF,  Rauch JT, Bixenmann B, Susaret AW, Hasselfeld KA, Colosimo AJ

Visuomotor ability is an important parameter for neurologic function and effective sport performance.  Adding a balance challenge during a structured eye-hand coordination task, such as hitting lights on a light board (Dynavision™), has not been previously reported. Using Division 1 football players, the aim of this study was to determine normative data on a dual-task performance regimen combining a visuomotor light board task with a balance task.  The intent is to use such normative data and baseline data as part of a concussion management program. The authors results determined that there is a 10% decrement in performance when one’s balance is challenged on the BOSU® ball.  A fall in performance of substantially greater than 10% may indicate abnormal vestibulocerebellar regulatory processing of balance and motion.  Further research, using these normative data is needed to determine more specific parameters for definitions of impairment and return-to-play and if there is utility for such studies as part of a concussion management program.

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