Temporal efficacy of kinesiology tape vs. traditional stretching methods on hamstring extensibility

Authors: Farquharson C, Greig M

The epidemiology and etiology of hamstring injuries in sport have been well documented. Kinesiology tape has been advocated as a means of improving muscle flexibility, with potential implications for injury prevention.  The purpose of this study was to compare the temporal pattern of efficacy of kinesiology tape and two traditional stretching techniques on hamstring extensibility.  Each stretching intervention displayed a unique temporal pattern of changes in active knee extension.  Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretches were best suited to affect immediate improvements in hamstring extensibility, whereas kinesiology tape offered advantages over a longer duration.  The logistics of the sporting or clinical context will often dictate the delay between intervention and performance. The authors’ findings have implications for the timing and choice of intervention aimed at increasing hamstring extensibility in relation to performance.

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