Volume Six, Number Four

December, 2011

Table of Contents



Knee kinematics following ACL reconstruction in females: the effect of vision on performance during a cutting task.

Authors: Bjornaraa J, DiFabio R


Comparison of hip and knee strength and neuromuscular activity in subjects with and without patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Authors: Bolga LA, Malone TR, Umberger BR, Uhl TL


Comparison of ankle arthrometry to stress ultrasound imaging in the assessment of ankle laxity in healthy adults.

Authors:  Sisson L, Croy T, Saliba S, Hertel J


Reliability of the sitting hand press-up test for identifying and quantifying the level of scapular medial border posterior displacement in overhead athletes.

Authors:  Hong J, Barnes MJ, Leddon CE, Alamar B, Van Ryssegem G


Effects of forefoot running on chronic exertional compartment syndrome: a case series.

Authors:  Diebal AR, Gregory R, Aliz C, Gerber JP


Electromyographic activity of scapular muscles during diagonal patterns using elastic resistance and free weights. 

Authors:  Witt D, Talbott N, Kotowski S





The clinical utility of physical performance tests within one-year post-ACL reconstruction: a systematic review 

Authors:  Narducci E, Waltz A, Gorski K, Leppla L, Donaldson M





Comprehensive strength training program for a recreational senior golfer 11-months after rotator cuff repair.

Authors: Brumitt J, Meira EP, Gilpin HE, Brunette M





Chest injuries: what the sports physical therapist should know.

Author: Smith D