A Novel Approach for the Reversal of Chronic Apparent Hamstring Tightness: A Case Report

Author:  Baker RT, Hansberger BL, Warren L, Nasypany A

Movement dysfunction in the trunk and lower extremity (e.g., apparent hamstring tightness) may produce pain, as well as decrease range of motion, function, and performance in athletes. Novel treatments not frequently studied in the literature, such as Total Motion Release® (TMR®) and instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization (IASTM), have anecdotal claims of immediate, gross gains of mobility that far exceed conventionally reported results. The purpose of this case report was to examine the efficacy of TMR® in treating an apparent tissue tightness/extensibility dysfunction and to determine if IASTM would improve outcomes if TMR® techniques failed to produce maintained improvement.  The subject in this case report demonstrated the potential use of TMR® in classifying apparent hamstring tightness and provided evidence to support the use of TMR® and IASTM in addressing mobility deficits associated with hamstring inflexibility/tightness. Based on these findings, clinicians should consider the use of TMR® and IASTM to improve classification and treatment of patients with a chief complaint of hamstring “tightness.”

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