Original Research

Side-lying Glenohumeral Passive Internal Rotation Range of Motion Values in a Healthy Collegiate Population.

Authors: Carcia CR, Cacolice PA, Scibeck JS

The sleeper stretch is a common intervention prescribed for individuals with decreased glenohumeral internal rotation. Passive glenohumeral internal rotation (GHIR) when quantified in sidelying has been suggested to be a more reliable measure as compared to measurements performed in supine with the humerus abducted to 90°. Recently, the sidelying position has also been proposed as an evaluative measure to quantify GHIR. Minimal work however has described mean GHIR values in sidelying. Therefore, the objective of this study was to establish preliminary mean passive GHIR values in sidelying for a healthy, college-age population. Secondary purposes were to ascertain if mean values were affected by upper extremity dominance or sex. The authors found that in a healthy college age population, these preliminary data suggest GHIR values are statistically greater on the non-dominant side and that sex does not significantly affect GHIR measures in a sidelying position.

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