Validation of a New Method for Assessing Scapular Anterior-Posterior Tilt. 

Authors: Scibek JS, Carcia CR

Electromagnetic tracking systems have enabled some investigators and clinicians to measure tri-planar scapular motion; yet, they are not practical and affordable options for all clinicians.  Currently, the ability to affordably quantify scapular motion is limited to monitoring only the motion of scapular upward rotation, with use of a digital inclinometer.  The objective of this study was to determine the criterion-related validity of a modified digital inclinometer when used to measure the motion of scapular anterior-posterior (AP) tilt.  The authors determined that a modified digital inclinometer is a moderately valid device to use for the quantification of scapular AP tilt.  The modified inclinometer expands the clinician’s ability to quantify scapular kinematic motion during the clinical examination and rehabilitation process.

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