An electromyographic study of the vastii muscles during open and closed kinetic chain submaximal isometric exercises.

Authors:  Spairani L, Barbero M, Cescon C, Combi F, Gemelli T, Giovanetti G, Magnani B, D’Antona G

Rehabilitation programs for patients with patellofemoral dysfunction aim to recruit the vastus medialis obliquus muscle (VMO) in an attempt to reduce pain and to improve patellar tracking. The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of submaximal isometric contractions in promoting preferential activation of VMO over vastus medialis longus and vastus lateralis in open and closed kinetic chain isometric exercises with the knee fixed at various degrees of flexion. The authors found that both open and closed kinetic chain exercises similarly activate the three vastii portions of the quadriceps, suggesting that selective training of these is not achievable in the tested conditions.

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