Original Research

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS™): An Inter-rater Reliability Study Between Raters of Varied Experience

Authors: Gulgin H, Hoogenboom B

Previous researchers have reported on the reliability of the scoring of the FMS™. Those authors have reported good to excellent inter-rater reliability between paired raters of similar experience level (either novice or expert), but no comparisons of inter-rater reliability exist between a novice and an expert. Therefore, the purpose of this investigation was to examine the inter-rater reliability of the scoring of the FMS™ between trained novices and an expert rater using video records. The authors found that the total FMS™ scores were similar among the raters, and the inter-rater reliability for a majority of the individual tests had as strong agreement despite the various level of experience of the raters scoring the FMS™ tests. While moderate to perfect agreement generally existed among raters, the level of experience of the rater scoring the FMS™ should be considered, as it appears that the expert rater was more critical than novice raters in the interpretation of the scoring criteria.

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