Golf SIG Meeting - CSM 2011


15 members were in attendance.

The meeting was brought to order with the new command, “FORE!”

Gene GiaMarino gave a 20 minute presentation on “Over the Top Swing Flaws.”

There was a brief discussion regarding Golf SIG members reviewing articles published in Golf specific journals. 

The SIG has outstanding members with invaluable experience and credentials that would give us an impressive format for critiquing of such articles.

Ross Brakefield suggested a job site placement for the Golf SIG. After discussion, it was agreed that email from one member to all the members might be the best way to begin a Golf SIG job placement site. If someone has an idea about a job opening related to golf, it should be sent to all the Golf SIG members using the email addresses that are included in each Golf SIG email.

Skip Hunter introduced an idea about a charity golf tournament to benefit the Wounded Warrior charity. After some discussion, it was agreed that Hunter would approach the Sports PT Section with the idea.  We would then discuss when and where the golf tournament would be held.

Skip Hunter PT, ATC

Followup: Discussion was held with Tim Tyler. President of the Sports Section. Tim liked the idea of having a golf tournament in Las Vegas at the Team Concepts meeting. I plan to continue to pursue this idea.  Any input by members would be appreciated.

- - - - -

Golf SIG Meeting - CSM 2010

The meeting was held in the San Diego Hilton at 7 a.m. on February 19.

Skip Hunter was introduced as the new moderator for the golf SIG, replacing Terry Malone.  Mr. Hunter praised the hard work and effort Terry had put into the golf SIG.

Items the golf SIG wants to attempt in the coming include short presentations at SIG meetings and future golf tournaments.

A 20 minute presentation will be given at next years SIG in New Orleans.  One possible idea for a presentation was "Swing Flaws".  Several members of the SIG expressed an interest in doing this presentation.

In the past, the Section has teamed up with the Foundation for Physical Therapy to have a golf tournament fund raiser.  "The Marilyn Gossman Tournament" was successfully held for several years at the Annual Conference.  It's been difficult to hold such an event at CSM because of programming.  A pre-conference tournament would also be problematic due to the cost associated with arriving early and the possible impact on the golf programming offered.  Annual Conference may be more feasible, but section member attendance is typically lower than at CSM.

SIG leadership is tentatively looking into a golf outing for New Orleans in 2011.

Thanks to those who attended in San Diego.  New Orleans should be a fun and exciting venue!