Comparison of the immediate effect of different types of trunk exercise on The Star Excursion Balance Test in male adolescent soccer players.  

Authors: Imai A, Kaneoka K, Okubo Y, Shiraki H

Trunk exercises, such as trunk stabilization exercises (SE) and conventional trunk exercises (CE), are performed, and may improve static or dynamic balance. Recently, trunk exercises have also been used as part of warm-up programs. A few studies have demonstrated the immediate effects of SE and CE on static balance. However, immediate effects on dynamic balance are not yet known. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to compare the immediate effect of the SE with that of the CE on the Star Excursion Balance Test (SEBT).  The authors found that the SEBT composite score was significantly improved after the SE (p < 0.05) but did not change after the CE and no exercise (NE) (p > 0.05). Furthermore, in the SE condition, SEBT scores of the posterolateral and posteromedial directions were significantly improved at the posttest, compared with those at the pretest (p < 0.05).  Therefore, this study demonstrated the immediate improvements in the posteromedial and posterolateral reach directions of the SEBT only after the SE. This result suggests that the SE used in this study is effective in immediately improving dynamic balance.

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