Sports Physical Therapy Residency or Fellowship . . . What is the Difference?
By Teresa L. Schuemann PT, SCS, ATC, CSCS

A common question that comes up when discussing post-professional residency or fellowship programs is “What is the difference?” The American Physical Therapy Association defines each as follows:

Residency: A planned program of post-professional clinical and didactic education that is designed to advance significantly the physical therapist's preparation as a provider of patient care services in a defined area of clinical practice. A sports physical therapy residency program is based on the latest Description of Specialty Practice (DSP) of Sports physical therapy.

Fellowship: A post-professional, funded, and planned learning experience in a focused area of physical therapist clinical practice, education, or research (not infrequently post-doctoral, post-residency prepared, or board-certified physical therapists).

The number of credentialed sports physical therapy residency and fellowship programs continues to grow. Do you qualify to be part of this exciting step in your education and professional growth? Find out today!