August 2009 - Volume 4, Number 3

Table of Contents

  • Rehabilitation of an Elite Olympic Class Sailor with MCL Injury
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    Shawn E. Hunt, PT, SCS, ATC
    Chris Herrera, PT, DPT
    Stephanie Cicerale, PT, DPT
    Kevin Moses, PT, DPT
    Philip Smiley, PT, DPT
  • Competency Revalidation Study of Specialty Practice in Sports Physical Therapy
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    Mark D. Weber, PT, PhD, SCS, ATC
    Jill Thein-Nissenbaum, PT, SCS, ATC
    Lynn Bartlett, PT, MPT, SCS
    William R. Woodall, PT, EdD, SCS, ATC
    Mark F. Reinking, PT, PhD, SCS, ATC
    Harvey W. Wallmann, PT, DSc, SCS, ATC
    Edward P. Mulligan, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC
  • Integrating Shoulder and Core Exercises When Rehabilitating Athletes Performing Overhead Activities
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    Jason Brumitt, MSPT, SCS, ATC
    R. Barry Dale, PT, PhD, OCS, SCS, ATC
  • Nutritional Knowledge and Eating Behaviors of Female Collegiate Swimmers
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    Barbara J. Hoogenboom, PT, EdD, SCS, ATC
    Jennifer Morris, MSPT
    Chad Morris, MSPT
    Katharine Schaefer, MSPT