Original Research

Development of a Preliminary Clinical Prediction Rule to Identify Patients with Neck Pain that May Benefit from a Standardized Program of Stretching and Muscle Performance Exercise: A Prospective Cohort Study.

Authors: Hanney WJ, Kolber MJ, George SZ, Young, I, Patel CK, Cleland JA

Neck pain is a significant problem and many treatment options exist. While some studies suggest exercise is beneficial for individuals with non-specific neck pain, clinicians have few tools to assist in the decision making process. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to derive a preliminary clinical prediction rule (CPR) for identifying patients with neck pain (NP) who may respond to an exercise-based treatment program. Exercise-based interventions have demonstrated positive outcomes in patients with NP, however it is unclear which patients are more likely to respond to this treatment approach. The proposed CPR may identify patients with NP likely to benefit from exercise-based treatment in the short term. However, long-term follow up did not demonstrate a significant difference between groups.

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