Volume Seven, Number One

February, 2012

Table of Contents


The influence of core musculature engagement on hip and knee kinematics in women during a single leg squat.

Authors:  Shirey M, Hurlbutt M, Johansen N, King G, Wilkinson S, Hoover D


Lateral abdominal muscle symmetry in collegiate single-sided rowers.

Authors:  Gill N, Mason B, Gerber J


The reliability of the Vail Sport Test™ as a measure of physical performance following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Authors:  Garrison J, Shanley E, Thigpen C, Geary R, Osler M, DelGiorno J


A randomized trial of isokinetic versus isotonic rehabilitation program after arthroscopic meniscectomy.

Authors:  Koutras G, Letsi M, Papadopoulos P, Gigis I, Pappas E


A novel technique for determining scapulohumeral translation: a case-control and inter-rater reliability study


Authors: Baumgarten K, Osborn R, Schweinle W, Eidsness J, Schelhaas D


Muscle activation of the torso during the modified RAZOR curl hamstring exercise.

Authors:  Oliver G, Stone A, Wyman J, Blazquez I



Training errors and running related injuries:  a systematic review.

Authors:  Nielsen RO, Buist I, Sorensen H, Lind M, Rasmussen S


The Victorian Institute of Sports Assessment – Achilles Questionnaire (VISA-A) – a reliable tool for measuring achilles tendinopathy:  a systematic review.

Authors:  Vestergard Iverson J, Bartels E, Langberg H



Non-surgical treatment of a professional hockey player with the signs and symptoms of sports hernia:  a case report.

Authors:  Woodward J, Parker A, MacDonald R



Low back pain in a competitive cricket athlete

Authors:  Merlino J, Perisa J



Current concepts in muscle stretching for exercise and rehabilitation.

Author:  Page P


Are all physical therapists qualified to provide sideline coverage of athletic events?

Author:  Smith D