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The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy is published by the Sports Physical Therapy Section of the American Physical Therapy Association to address current physical therapy trends and practices to improve the care of the athlete and recreationally active individual.

The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy (NAJSPT) is a peer-reviewed journal that reviews manuscripts relating to all aspects of sports physical therapy for possible publication. Your work, if published, will be shared with over 10,000 of your colleagues worldwide.

Although all manuscripts related to sports physical therapy will be reviewed, preference will be given for strong clinical content in the manuscripts presenting information that will immediately affect the daily practice of the physical therapist and physical therapist assistant. 

Instructions to authors and a listing of the IJSPT Editorial Board may be found below.


• Original Research

• Systematic Review of the Literature

• Clinical Commentary/Current Concept Review

• Case Reports in the Following Categories:

   - Differential Diagnosis/Critical Decision Making

   - Musculoskeletal Imaging

   - Innovative Interventions

   - Unique Pathological Presentations

• Clinical Suggestion/Unique Practice Technique


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