SCS Home Study Course: Chapter 1

Pre-participation Evaluation and Screening


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Michael L. Voight, PT, DHSC, SCS, OCS, ATC, FAPTA

Professor - Belmont University School of Physical Therapy

Nashville, Tennessee


Barbara Hoogenboom, PT, EdD, SCS, ATC

Associate Professor - Grand Valley State University School of Physical Therapy

Grand Rapids, Michigan



Following the completion of this study course, the reader will be able to:

1. Understand the goals and objectives of performing the pre-participation examination.

2. Define the controversial issues surrounding the pre-participation examination.

3. Discuss the administration considerations in performing the pre-participation examination.

4. Understand the basic legal considerations surrounding the pre-participation examination.

5. Interpret the findings from the pre-participation examination to determine clearance considerations.



I.    Introduction

II.   Goals and Objectives

      a. Primary objectives

      b. Secondary objectives

III.  Administration Considerations

      a. Timing of the pre-participation evaluation

      b. Frequency of the pre-participation evaluation

      c. Methods and setting of pre-participation evaluations

      d. Interim annual evaluations

IV.  Legal Considerations

      a. HIPAA and FERPA regulations

          i.     HIPAA

          ii.    FERPA

          iii.   Confidentiality with PPE forms

          iv.   Who needs to know?

          v.    Sharing emergency and public health information

          vi.   Electronic transmission

          vii.  Restricting information

          viii. When traveling

      b. Good Samaritan statutes

      c. Right to participate

          i.     Exculpatory waivers

          ii.    Informed consent

V.   General Considerations of the History and Physical Examination

      a. History

      b. Physical examination

      c. Determining clearance

      d. Clearance considerations

VI. Conclusion

The completion of this course does not guarantee that the purchaser will pass the SCS examination.