Original Research

Test-Re-test Consistency of a Postural Sway Assessment Protocol for Adolescent Athletes Measured with a Force Plate.

Authors: Quatman-Yates C, Lee A, Hugentobler JA, Kurowski BG, Myer GD, Riley MA

Functional postural control assessments can provide a powerful means of detecting concussion-related neurophysiological abnormalities and are considered an important part of the concussion management. Studies with college athletes indicate that postural sway analyzed using complexity metrics may provide a sensitive and novel way to detect post-concussion postural control impairments. The purpose of this study was to determine if a postural sway assessment protocol (PSAP) measured using a force plate system can serve as a reliable assessment tool for adolescent athletes. Overall, the results of this study indicate that the PSAP demonstrated good short-term and long-term test-retest reliability. In addition, no evidence of learning effects was elicited through this study. The clinical significance of this study provides preliminary support for the utility of a force plate assessment of postural sway assessment protocol for use with adolescent athletes.

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